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Bounceabout bouncy castle and soft play hire.

Please observe and adhere to the following terms and conditions of hire -

All inflatables -

* A person over the age of 21, and not under the influence of alcohol must supervise at all times.

* Childrens bouncy castles are Not suitable for adult use.

* Do Not move the inflatable or crash mats once it is set up.

* Make sure all crash mats stay in the correct position at all times.

* Do Not reposition/remove the ground pegs securing the inflatable.

* Do Not wear shoes, or take anything sharp onto the inflatable.

* Do Not overcrowd the inflatable.

* Do Not mix age groups.

* Do Not inflate/deflate the unit with people inside.

* Do Not attempt somersaults or acrobatics.

* Do Not climb on the roof/walls of the inflatable.

* If it becomes windy during your hire period, please evacuate the inflatable, and turn off the

power supply immediately. Do Not use. Phone 01243 607772 for further instruction.

* Inflatables/crash mats can become slippery when wet. If it is wet on the day of hire, please towel

dry the unit in between showers.

* Do Not allow children to touch or play near the blowers/ petrol blowers/ extension cables.

Adult Bouncy castles -

All guild lines above apply, and also -

* Do Not use the inflatable if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Slides / Fun runs/ Combos -

Guidelines for all inflatables apply, and also -

* Our Slides/Fun runs and combos are Not suitable for Adult use.

* Only 1 person should slide down at any one time.

* Do Not slide down head first.

* Do Not jump from the top of the slide. Please sit and slide sensibly.

* Do Not push others from the top of the slide.

* Do Not over crowd the climbing area, or top of the slide.

* Please clear the landing area immediately after sliding.

* Slides can get very slippery when wet. If there are showers during your hire period, please

towel dry slide before continuing use.

Big Event Slide -

Guidelines for all inflatables / fun runs / combos apply, and also -

* Two adults over the age of 21 must supervise this unit at all times. We recommend one adult sits at the top, and one stands at the bottom, to ensure children are sliding sensibly.

Soft Play / Add on's -

* Do Not move the equipment once set up.

* The soft play, ball ponds and add ons are NOT suitable for outdoor use.

* The soft play, ball ponds and add on's are suitable for preschool children only, with

the exception of the DiDi cars and four in a line game, which are suitable for any age.

All our equipment is safety checked and maintained regularly, and will be inspected by the hirer at time of delivery. If you have any concerns about the equipment or the way it has been set up once the inflatable is in place, you must tell the hirer before using.


I have read, understood, and will adhere to these terms and conditions of hire, and will ensure others do also. I agree that the equipment was set up in a way that I believe to be safe to use.

I understand fully, that the hirers can not, and will not take any responsibility for any accidents or injuries that may occur whilst the equipment is hired out to me.


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