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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Do you provide safety mats?

A.  Yes, safety mats are provided with all Bouncy Castles and Soft play items.

Q.  What time will you be here?

A.  This will be arranged with you at the time of booking.  We try to be as flexible as possible, although, please note that once hall booking times are agreed, these cannot be changed on the day.

Q.  Is your equipment safety tested?

A.  Yes, all of our inflatables are P.I.P.A tested each year to ensure that they reach strict safety standards.   All our electrical equipment is PAT tested each year. 

Q.  How much space do I need to fit in a Bouncy castle?

A.  The measurements for each inflatable are displayed on our website.  You need to allow 2' at each side, 2' for the blower at the back, and 3' for the safety mat at the front.  

Q.  What if it's a wet day?

A.  As long as we have not delivered the inflatable then you can cancel and you will not incur a charge.  

Q.  Access to our garden is difficult, can I have a bouncy castle?

A.  Please call to discuss this with us, we may be able to help if made aware before the day of hire.

Q.  We have booked a Bouncy Castle and the birthday child is taken ill on the morning.  Can we cancel?

A.  Yes, of course.  You can cancel for any reason, and you won't be charged if we have been notified before you have taken delivery.

Q.  Can the Bouncy Castle be used in windy weather?

No.  Under no circumstances should any inflatable be used in windy weather.  If the wind is too strong on the day of hire, we will need to cancel the booking.  Please understand that this is for your safety,  which is always our first priority.  If the wind becomes strong when the inflatable is on hire to you, please switch it off immediately, and notify us straight away.

Q.  Can the inflatable go on concrete or does it have to go on grass?

A.  The inflatable must be situated on grass for safety reasons.  We need to peg it down securely.  We will not set an inflatable up on concrete or any hard surface outdoors.  We are, however, happy to supply inflatables to indoor parties in halls.

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